banner image of law enforcement officers in Armor Express body armor

Law Enforcement + Northeastern Ohio + Armor Express = Garment Specialties

For over five years, Garment Specialties has been proud to be an Armor Express dealer. We make it easy for law enforcement agencies throughout northeastern Ohio to get expertly fitted for their Armor Express body armor.

In spite of COVID-19, Armor Express has continued to innovate throughout 2020 and comes into 2021 with what might be the strongest product line-up in the Company’s history, with many new innovations on the horizon.

Combining that with our long history of working with law enforcement agencies throughout the region for everything from uniforms, badges, and body armor makes Garment Specialties the ideal option for your agency.

Call Garment Specialties today to learn more.

A pair of law enforcement officers in Armor Express body armor

We Also Carry the Full Line of Armor Express Accessories

armor express qrf ruck
armor express busch protective amh 2
armor express busch peraflex m16/m4 triple mag pouch
armor express blueridge vengeance iii ballistic shield wmx3rft